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The Most Important Consideration When Selecting Plants for Good Feng Shui - That You Might be Overlooking

by Ginni Stiles on 09/17/14

A client just asked me, "From a Feng Shui perspective in design, where would the recommended plants go in the design to maintain the energy flow?"

My reply started out with the most important consideration of all, one that gets overlooked frequently, which I'm also going to share with you below.

Living with plants is good for us in so many ways: they clean the air we breathe, offer beauty, reduce stress, and just plain make us happy. 

In the practice of feng shui, the shapes of plants and leaves and the way in which they grow also hold symbolic meaning and embody different types of energy that can encourage health and balance in specific areas of our lives.

When we are in offices or studies and we desire growth and energy in our business or education, plants that grow quickly and have an overall upright thrust to their growth will support our efforts. When we are working at a desk, seeing the strong, straight, lush growth of a lucky bamboo plant inspires us to also thrust upwards with determination. It is easier to work steadily with focus when we are sharing our space and breath with this fast-growing grass.

Plants that have spikes or thorns have strong protective energy and can be used when there is a vulnerable place where you desire protection, say at a backdoor or secluded rear window. Sitting in the kitchen in the evening feels safe and sound when the rear of your house is swathed in rose bushes and a row of street-smart cacti line the windowsill.

When we retire to the bedroom, plants that have heart-shaped leaves and grow in a draping shape, like philodendrons, encourage romance and rest.

But none of those associations are the most important thing to consider when deciding which plant to place where in your home or office. 

The most important thing to keep in mind
when taking plants under our care,
is that they are living beings

We are inviting living beings to share our space with us and committing ourselves to nurturing them. Their health and vitality is our primary concern in their placement. Plants always need to be placed where they want to live and grow.

But we don't have to move into a greenhouse in order to keep our photosynthesizing friends satisfied. Many varieties of house plants do quite well in low light, even fluorescent light. A plant specialist knows light and temperature requirements for different types of plants so when plant shopping, talk to the staff about where you would like to put plants (you can even show photos) so that they can help you select the best roommates for your accommodations.

And speaking of accommodations, how is your home or office feeling these days? Are you inspired, thriving, growing, blooming, lounging languidly, loving life? Or is your space giving you yellowing of the leaves and no fruit?

Feng shui is a 4,000 year-old art, science, and philosophy that helps people encourage a healthy, balanced life through the intentional design of the spaces we inhabit. I've been a practitioner of the Black Sect Tantric Buddhist School of Feng Shui for about ten years and it has helped me consistently up-level every area of my life.

BTB Feng Shui focuses on the psychological connections between our minds and our spaces and their influence on each other. The practice involves internal visioning work, intentional adjustments to our living environments, and mindfulness of our emotions, how our spaces influence them, and their role in shaping our lives.

My clients have used feng shui to encourage new careers, clarity and focus in business, attracting romantic partners, and encourage healthy living habits, among many other things. [By the way, we are all always perfect and whole, and capable and worthy of happiness in every situation - but things can always get better!]

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Wishing you warm sun on your face and flowers in your vase,

Ginni Stiles
Life Designer

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