How to Achieve Your Goals While Staying in Bed, Lying on the Beach, and Soaking in the Bathtub : Imagineering Notes
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How to Achieve Your Goals While Staying in Bed, Lying on the Beach, and Soaking in the Bathtub

by Ginni Stiles on 09/24/13

Are you working your buns off trying to achieve success, feeling drained, like there isn't enough time, and like your efforts aren't paying off the way you want them to? You're not alone.

Everywhere I go I see people rushing, pushing, crazy-busy. It's as if we have convinced ourselves that if we aren't speeding through life, we aren't trying hard enough. The problem is, going longer, harder, faster doesn't get us ahead. The most powerful force that gives us great rewards is something you connect with without WiFi!

But before I share the secret of this amazing power inside you, I want to share a very personal story with you - something you may not know about me.

For decades, I have struggled with depression and anxiety. (Those of you who know me well may find that surprising because I usually have a major smile going on!) I was even told at one point that I would have to take drugs every day for the rest of my life if I wanted to feel "normal." I didn't accept that as truth because it just didn't seem right.

I learned how I could change my internal state - how I was feeling, my emotions, and my outlook - without taking medication, and without succumbing to "the blues" anytime they crept up on me. I learned that my internal state is not the same as my external reality; and more importantly, by changing my internal state, I could actually change my external reality.

Not long ago, I was in a real emotional funk. Aside from feeling low, I noticed that none of my marketing efforts were paying off. I just wasn't getting the responses that I usually get. I knew something was really off. I could have gotten depressed and lost hope. I could have thought, “See, I'm doing all this marketing and not getting anything from it. This business model must be flawed. I'm never going to make it in this economy. Maybe I should just give up and go get a job.” (Does any of this sound familiar?)

Instead, I knew that the problem – and solution – lay within me. I woke up on Monday morning and guess what I did? I stayed in bed! But not out of depression and hopelessness – I stayed in bed for the first hour of my week doing a visualization that connected me with the positive emotions that I needed to feel to propel me into my designed future. By the time I got out of bed, I had completely changed my emotional state and brought a completely different me to the day.

And you know what? 45 minutes later, my phone rang and it was a new client who was very excited to start working with me because she had been referred to me by a delighted past client.

Here's a text message I received from another client after we did a visualization together:

Thank you for your help and guidance today. I really needed it. That was about as low as I had felt in a long time, but it felt very cathartic. I got several phone calls today for potential work! It's all about the energy. Thank you thank you thank you.”

I want to share this Emotional Visualization technique with everyone I can. Using your body, emotion, and mind and seeing yourself in the past, present, and future, you can powerfully connect with the excitement and positive emotions that will sling-shot you into the external reality that you desire.

Can I share this Emotional Visualization technique with you? Click here to select a time and I will give you a complimentary phone session:

Take me to the future!

What will you create in your tomorrow? (And what will tomorrow look like if you don't make a change?)

I hope this message inspires you to stay in bed! Lie on the beach! Soak in the tub! All while placing yourself firmly in the future you will create, and feeling that, “Hell Yeah!” feeling.

If you would like a free session with me to see how this Emotional Visualization technique works, all you have to do is click this link and select a time:

I'm ready to cry, “More, More, MORE!”

Talk soon, you reality rebel,

Ginni Stiles
Life Designer

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