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Clutter is the Enemy of Creativity

by Ginni Stiles on 06/23/13

When we live with clutter, whether physical or electronic (INBOX madness, etc.), the sense of overwhelm blocks our creativity. Our minds and souls won't allow the free flow of creative juices when we know that bringing our possessions current with our lives needs to happen first. There is just no more room or focus to create anything new when clutter is holding us back. As you clear your clutter, you will feel creativity well up inside you and explode in a volcano of awesomeness!

Ginni Stiles
Life Designer

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1. Mary Jane Hurley Brant said on 6/25/13 - 10:49AM
Indeed clutter is our enemy! I make it a point to go through my closets once each week and give away what I don't need, like or want anymore. My home is organized and it helps me to focus on what I love: my family, my friends and my clients. Clutter bogs people down and your guests, too.

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