Staging refers to making design adjustments to a property to prepare it for the real estate market. The intention of staging is to sell a property for the highest price in the shortest time. 

I taught an accredited continuing education course called Feng Shui for Real Estate, which taught salespeople how to serve clients with an interest in feng shui, and how to prepare a listing for sale using feng shui principles. 

I worked in Real Estate for over 6 years as a salesperson, conveyancer, recruiter, trainer, and assistant to the broker. My license is currently in escrow. 


This Wynnwood home is located at the end of a cul-de-sac. There is no driveway, only street parking. There is a piece of driftwood to the left of the front door. The wicker furniture on the front porch only has two small pillows on it. The property is generally overgrown.

I had the planters moved from either side of the walkway to the edges of the property to define the frontage and connect the home with the on-street parking. The driftwood was replaced with a bright wreath and more pillows were added to the furniture. The landscaping was trimmed. The exterior lights were turned on for showings.  

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