Are you frustrated by lack of space?
Have trouble finding things? 
Not even sure what you have? 
Are you mired in that which no longer serves you? 

What does it really mean
to "be organized?"

​Knowing what you have and where it is. Having what you choose and choosing what you have.
Bringing your possessions into alignment with your current life and space. 

Freeing ourselves from clutter makes way for new people, opportunities, and growth to enter our lives. It's similar to detoxing our bodies. Until we go through it, we can't feel how much the junk is holding us back. Once we make some progress, the energy and lift we feel is amazing.

Whether it's a paper monster, an inbox nightmare, a cramped closet, a junk room, or a whole-house "disaster zone," I will come to your aid with my tips, tricks, and techniques for helping you find your zen.

Have ADD/ADHD, or wonder if you might? I specialize in helping people with ADD/ADHD create systems that work for them.

We can get together for a one-time consultation or work together for a series of sessions until your goal is reached. I also do ongoing "maintenance" sessions at any interval you need from once a week to once a year

Helping you with your stuff, your money, your space, your life!